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In the era of digital transformation, the Internet of Things (IoT) has contributed to the development of several sectors of activity, including professional cleaning. IoT systems offer innovative solutions and advantages that contribute to increased efficiency, reduced costs and a significant increase in the improvement of services provided. In this article we will explore how IoT systems are revolutionizing the Professional Cleaning industry and how we will apply, at Glow Professional, IoT Systems to our Ecohigibox Product Range.


  1. What is the IoT System?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of connected devices, embedded with sensors, software and other technologies that allow the collection and exchange of data between them. Concretely, when it comes to professional cleaning, systems can include sensors that are connected to software platforms, which work together to optimize cleaning processes.


  1. IoT System Applied to Glow Professional Products

At Glow Professional we work on developing an IoT solution, which allows all our partners and distributors to better manage their customers’ needs. Concretely regarding the Glow Professional product range, the IoT system will be implemented in the Ecohigibox 10L and 3L solutions.

Specifically, the equipment that makes up the Ecohigibox system is equipped with sensors that allow real-time monitoring of the product’s content levels. The adoption of IoT technology allows for permanent telemetry, as it continuously transmits real information to the cloud. All information collected by the sensors is continuously sent to a centralized base (cloud), a platform dedicated solely to the management of installed products.

The customer will, at the moment of system installation, have access to a platform connected to the same centralized base, which will allow them to know the levels/quantity of product in the installed locations. Whether Ecohigibox products are installed in a kitchen, a laundry room, or even a hotel, the professional responsible for managing/acquiring the products will have access to the platform via their computer or cell phone. For professionals, this translates into a world of benefits!


  1. Greater efficiency and productivity

One of the main advantages associated with IoT systems in professional cleaning is increased efficiency and productivity. Cleaning equipment connected to sensors and the internet allows you to automate various tasks, which reduces the need for manual intervention. An excellent example of this is automated scheduling. IoT systems can automatically schedule product replacement tasks based on real-time data. In this way, ensuring that products never reach a minimum limit, issuing alerts regarding the need for replacement.


  1. Monitorização em Tempo Real e Análise de Dados

As already mentioned, IoT systems allow monitoring and analysis of data in real time, allowing cleaning professionals to make informed decisions. This translates, in other words, into daily and permanent control. The sensors installed in Ecohigibox solutions allow monitoring product quantity levels, enabling the creation of various alerts that could contribute to more efficient and organized management by professionals. Such as:

  • Replacements based on predictions: Based on data analysis and consumer behavior, Ecohigibox systems that are enabled for the IoT system can be replaced more efficiently, that is, scheduling product replacements when they are running out.
  • Data-based insights: Analysis of data collected through IoT devices helps professionals identify trends, helping to implement continuous improvements, based on real data.
  • Maximizing Product Profitability: based on the analysis of the duration and profitability of products, it is possible to present suggestions that can contribute to ensuring greater profitability and reducing waste.
  • Automated Reports: IoT systems can generate automated reports to be used in, for example, audits, reducing the administrative burden on cleaning staff.
  • Efficiency in Route Control: Real-time monitoring through IoT systems allows our partners to manage routes more efficiently. The possibility of knowing up-to-date product percentage levels for each customer translates into more efficient planning, avoiding excessive visits, which leads to a reduction in transport costs.
  • High Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, IoT systems can lead to greater customer satisfaction. The possibility of managing products based on data that is issued in real time, allows the replacement of products that are running out of products to be carried out more efficiently, thus preventing the customer from suffering from stockouts. The correct use of IoT systems allows all customer needs to be met and exceeded.

The Future of Professional Cleaning

The integration of IoT systems in professional cleaning is a transformative advance that offers countless benefits to professionals. From increased efficiency to better resource management and customer satisfaction, IoT systems are poised to redefine professional cleaning standards.

As the industry continues to evolve, adopting IoT technology will be crucial to staying competitive and providing world-class cleaning solutions. At Glow Professional we are committed to investing in and using IoT systems as a way of providing innovative, sustainable and effective cleaning solutions to all our partners. Join us on this journey towards the future of professional cleaning, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

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