Ecology and Sustainability in Professional Cleaning

Ecohigibox 3L is the latest super concentrated product system developed by Glow Professional. Prepared to provide efficient answers in the Kitchen and Building areas, this article was developed to offer a versatile and economical solution.

The new Ecohigibox 3L has an exclusive and innovative design that can be easily adapted to be placed in tight and difficult-to-access spaces. This system does not require expensive installations and allows maximum optimization of system resources (mechanical dishwashing).

The Ecohigibox 3L Range:

  • It is for medium and small machines
  • Ideal for Tight Spaces
  • Simple and Low-Cost Assembly
  • Transparent Bag Format (allows you to view product consumption)
  • 3L Capacity
  • Super Concentrated Products

The Ecohigibox 3L Range, ensures maximum cleaning efficiency, without compromising the environment.

The products in the range

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Kitchen Care

  • Matic Bril Conc
  • Matic Conc
  • Matic Neutro Conc
  • Dish Conc
  • Hygienic BF Plus

Building Care

  • Air Pink Conc
  • Bacterol PF Conc
  • Hygienic BF Plus
  • Chlorinated Alkaline Detergent Conc
  • Glass Conc
  • WC Descaler Conc
  • Floral Conc
  • Chamomile and Orange Blossom Conc

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Maximum Profitability

Maximum Sustainability

The Ecohigibox 3L range was developed to ensure maximum comfort and safety, without ever compromising the quality of your cleaning. Our 3L format is easy to carry, connect and use. Furthermore, this system can be easily installed in any location, promoting maximum profitability of your space. To start using the product, simply attach the bag to the wall and connect the container to the dosing equipment.

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