Ecology and Sustainability in Cleaning

Ecohigibox is an innovative system based on a range of super concentrated products in bag in box format, focusing on the Kitchen Care, Building Care and Laundry Care ranges. The Bag in Box design is specially designed to optimize space without compromising cleaning efficiency, ensuring and maximizing the performance and operational quality of processes.

The Ecohigibox range ensures you:

  • Highly efficient super concentrated products;
  • 90% less plastic waste;
  • Reduction of 80% in weight and 75% in space;
  • Less handling and energy consumption.

The Ecohigibox Range allows you to combine the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning with more and ecological and environmentally friendly actions.

The products in the range

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Kitchen Care

  • Dish Conc
  • Matic Conc
  • Matic Brill Conc
  • Degras Conc
  • Degras Plus Conc

Laundry Care

  • Matiq Alcalino Conc
  • Matiq Enzimático Conc
  • Soft Activ Conc
  • Soft Talco Conc
  • Bleach Oxy Conc

Building Care

  • Camomila & Flor de Laranjeira Conc
  • Floral Conc
  • Desincrustante WC Conc
  • Glass Conc
  • Detergente Alcalino Clorado Conc
  • Air Pink Conc
  • Wave Conc
  • Hygienic BF Plus

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Optimize your performance

while reducing your ecological footprint

The Ecohigibox range was developed taking into account all the needs and demands of our customers, but also of our planet. We are focused on developing solutions that allow all our partners to ensure safe and efficient cleaning and that allow them to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible.

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