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Amsterdam, 14th to 17th May

In the dynamic world of professional cleaning, there is one event that stands out as the epicenter of innovation, collaboration and innovative ideas: the Interclean Fair. Scheduled to take place next May in Amsterdam, this globally acclaimed exhibition promises to redefine the way we perceive cleanliness.


The 2024 Interclean Fair is poised to be the most dynamic and impactful to date. Allow us to introduce you to some of the main aspects that make this edition a must-have for any professional in the professional cleaning sector:

  • Global Representation:

With participants from more than 140 countries, Interclean transcends borders, creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Global representation allows attendees to gain insights into the regional challenges, innovative solutions and cultural nuances that shape the cleaning industry around the world.

  • Sustainable Practices will be the Center of Attention:

As global awareness of environmental issues grows, the cleaning industry is adapting to a more sustainable future. Interclean 2024 will showcase environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, from biodegradable products to energy-efficient equipment.

  • Glow Professional: What we will present!

At Glow Professional we are continually looking to develop ecological solutions. In what will be our first edition at the Interclean Fair, we promise to showcase all of our sustainable solutions. These solutions allow us to contribute to a paradigm shift in this sector that seeks to be increasingly environmentally friendly.


Pay us a visit and discover all the opportunities we have to offer you.

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